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  • Service Space is one of the trusted & emerging name for AC cooler repair.
  • 30 days long warranty on all AC cooler repair jobs.
  • AC cooler repair at 20% lower price .
  • Professional, trained, verified and expert technicians.
  • Customer Satisfaction Is the top most preference for us.
  • 60 Minutes Service Response Guaranteed at your door step.

AC cooler repair for all brands

With temperatures rising every day as the summer has also intensified, the need for AC cooler is increasing. AC keeps our house or office cool during the summer season or wherever you have installed AC Keeps the place fresh. 

What once used to be a luxury is now becoming a necessity. With smart and Eco-friendly AC cooler repair in the market, the risk posed by such appliances to the environment is lesser. maintaining quality indoor air is more important than the outdoors as people spend more time indoors.

However, regular maintenance of AC is important to ensure their optimal working. whenever there is a need of service or maintenance for your ac you go searching AC cooler repair service near me or AC cooler repair . We are the one stop solution for all your ac service , repair and maintenance needs. To ensure that your AC are always working at their best, Service Space provides AC cooler repair . Book AC repair Near me at the comfort of your homes no more searching on the streets for good and reliable AC cooler repair .

How to opt for Services from service space

call us or fill the form for the AC service near me requirement.

technician for the purpose will be assigned in next 10 minutes.

60 minutes AC service response is promised ,our technician will be there within the time at your doorstep .

Services Covered By our Technician - AC cooler repair

For AC cooler repair , there are 2 types to choose from :-

  • Dry AC cooler repair : It consists of cleaning of AC filter, cooling coil, blades, and blower wheels. Also, the pressure of AC gas and water leakage will be checked thoroughly.
  • Wet AC cooler repair : It consists of cleaning of AC filter, drain pipe, cooling coil, and condenser coil. Also, the pressure of AC gas and water leakage will be checked thoroughly.
  • We offer 30 days guarantee on all service related jobs but not on the parts, Parts guarantee will be subject to the manufacturers part.
  • Once you select the kind of AC Service you want, the technician will quote the price. Upon your confirmation, AC Service will be started by the technician.
  • you can Visit Us also @ Service Space Gurgaon. For the quarries related AC cooler repair 

Note –     Stop looking for AC cooler repair , when you can hire best ac repair technician at your doorstep from Service Space.

Why choose us for. - AC cooler repair .

  • AC cooler repair one of the most important and vital. electronic appliances for household needs . It is included in one of the daily available devices. that every family needs . Because of their high usage . it needs regular service and maintenance. to keep it in the best condition.
  • If you are facing an issue with your AC cooler repair . and searching for a AC cooler repair . then you must go for one of the highest-rated AC cooler repair . as Service Space. for the best possible service.
  • there are many well-known electronic appliance manufacturer brand in India. there are some specific reasons. behind when you choose to purchase some specific AC. that could be its product quality, durability, less maintenance,or power-saving technology. So whenever you are in need to search for a  AC cooler repair . or  AC repair service near me. there is no need to go searching out there in streets. just give us a call. and rest assured for the services.
  • call us – 8529873624 , 8529723674 

Service Name Window AC Service Prices Split AC Service Prices
Dry Servicing NA450
Wet Servicing 400 500
Uninstall 400600
Gas Top Up 800800
Gas Charging
(0.8 to 1 ton)
Gas Charging
(1.1 to 1.5 ton)
Gas Charging
(Greater than 1.5 ton)
Service Name
Window AC Service Price Split AC Service Price
Fan Motor 300300
Grill Window AC 300300
Capacitor 300300
Ac Fan Blade 300300
Ac Valve 300300
Blower 300300
Contactor 300300
OthersOn Inspection
On Inspection

Terms of services from AC cooler repair

  • General Servicing includes Issues identification and diagnosis.
  • the labour charge will be reduced for service If it is two or more defects.
  • Price Tables contain  labor charge only.
  • Rs. 200 visiting charges will be there in the situation of service is not availed
  •  before proceeding For any repair work our technician will give you a quote .
  • Consumables and parts (if used) will be charged extra.
  • Kindly collect the old spare part in case of the spare part replacement.
  • Service Space provides a 30 days warranty on the service provided but not on the parts.
  • we don’t provide any AMC services (Annual maintenance Contract).
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only.
AC service center near me


  • Do you provide service for AC installation?
  • Yes. We have . If you need installation can give us a call or fill the form for that particulate AC repair need . The professional you choose will help you in the installation.
  •  Do you sell AC spare parts?
  • No, we do not sell spare parts. Service Space only provides technicians for repair of Air conditioners.
  • Spare parts required for these can either be acquired by you or the technician, as per your choice.
  • Do you repair AC during the warranty period?
  • Yes. However. we repair your AC but it will void your manufacturer warranty . If the repair isn’t covered under your warranty, it’s best to go ahead with our professionals.
  • are there any inspection charges for AC service from service space?
  • Yes, Rs. 200 is the charge of  inspection and diagnosis the problem. However, it will be charged only if you don’t wish to avail the service. On availing the service, inspection charge will be waived off.
  • Do you provide ogeneral aC service?
  • Yes. We provide repair and servicing for AC of all major brands like ogeneral , hitachi, lloyd, panasonic, philips, haier, daikin,  LG, Voltas, Godrej, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida and all other brands. 

some important things to know before searching for AC cooler repair

  • How do you decide the charges for repair?
  • The charges are calculated based on the nature of the service and the skills required for completing the job.
  • Will you repair my AC at my place or at the service station?
  • It depends on the issue. If the problem is minor and the repair is possible at your place. technician will do it there itself. otherwise, he’’ll bring it to the service station.
  • do I need to pay for them in advance If spare parts are required for the repair?
  • If the professional is supposed to buy the materials, then you need to pay the money in advance so that the professional can make payments with your money while buying the parts.
  • I am looking for the AC service center near me?    Does service space help me out in finding the hitachi aC service center near me ?
  • Service Space  is a platform where you can find best AC repair technician near you. The service technician will come down to your place to fix washing machine at home. There are no hidden charges and the price for any kind of repair is affordable.  the service technician is technically skilled and verified by us. Note –Never look for AC service center near me , when you can hire best AC repair technician at your doorstep from Service Space.
  • Do you provide lloyd AC repair services?
  • Our professionals cover all brands of AC service like LG, Samsung AC repair services near me.

  • Do you provide Bosch washing machine service?

  • Yes. We provide repair and servicing for AC of all major brands like LG, Voltas, Godrej, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida, and Haier ,panasonic, philips, ogenral , hitachi fujitsu and all other brands available in market. 

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